Live Review: Motörhead @ Roseland Ballroom, 9/20

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Live Review: Motörhead @ Roseland Ballroom, 9/20

"We are Motörhead, boys and girls. And we play rock 'n' roll." With this simple statement of fact, fabled frontman Lemmy Kilmister opened the legendary British rock band's set at the Roseland Ballroom, launching into a high-speed rendition of "Dr. Rock" that kicked off a night of fist-pumping, pretension-free thrash.

In their 45+ minute set, the British heavy metal band ran through almost all of the fan favorites including "Metropolis," "Killed By Death" and "Overkill," as well as the obligatory rendition of "Ace of Spades." They even dusted off their acoustic guitars for an encore performance of "Whorehouse Blues." And though Lemmy and the band seemed a little older and a little more sedate than their Overkill years, the night's message was clear: No frills, no bullshit.

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