Listen to Neko Case's Dance-Worthy New Single, "Bad Luck"

The latest single off Case's forthcoming album, Hell-On

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Listen to Neko Case's Dance-Worthy New Single, "Bad Luck"

Neko Case shared on Tuesday the second single from her forthcoming Hell-On album, a poppy new tune titled “Bad Luck.”

The song came after a tragic house fire that engulfed the musician’s home in September of last year. According to a press release, the fire started in the musician’s barn, where she keeps an assortment of paintings and old artworks. After a friend attended to the safety of Case’s dogs (which she prominently displays on her social media accounts), the fire spread to the house, engulfing it as well. A few hours later, Case took to her studio in Stockholm and recorded her song of galloping resilience, “Bad Luck.”

“If somebody burned your house down on purpose, you’d feel so violated. But when nature burns your house down, you can’t take it personally,” the artist said in a statement. Her house burned down as thousands of other homes were being destroyed by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the wildfires in California. “In the big picture, my house burning was so unimportant,” she continues. “So many people lost so much more: lives and lives and lives.”

Now, bouncing back from the brink of catastrophe, Case undoubtably looks towards the future and the release of her forthcoming album via Anti- on June 1. You can preorder the album via the artist’s website.

Listen to Hell-On’s latest single, “Bad Luck,” below, followed by a clip of the song’s accompanying music video. You can find Case’s tour dates, along with the album’s announcement, right here.