Nice As Fuck Share Peace-and-Love Party of a Video for "Door"

Music Video Nice As Fuck
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Nice As Fuck wrote their song “Door” at member Tennessee Thomas’ East Village store/clubhouse/whatever-you-make-of-it spot, The Deep End Club. So, it’s more than appropriate that the trio, comprised of Thomas, Jenny Lewis and Erika Forster, also filmed the video for “Door” at the Deep End, which will close its door this weekend, the band said in a statement to Noisey.

The trio appear in their at-this-point-signature black berets, white pants and white “Give A Damn” t-shirts as they sing the minimalistic but heartfelt track from their debut self-titled album. The trio are also joined by fellow women holding up signs with lyrics from the song, displaying their support and camaraderie.

Watch the video for “Door” above.