Orenda fink - Invisible Ones

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Orenda fink - Invisible Ones

Orenda fink’s solo debut tops the wispy indie-folk she plucks with Azure Ray

Chalk it up to Now It’s Overhead frontman Andy LeMaster’s spacious production or to Orenda fink’s recent travels through India,

Cambodia and Haiti, but this solo debut possesses something her work with Azure Ray lacks: genuine muscle and weight. Her understatedly soulful voice is better suited to the organ dirge of “Leave it All” than to her main project’s coffeehouse arpeggios; distorted bass chomps voraciously at trebly guitar on “Bloodline”; a Haitian choral refrain soars skyward from the tripping “Les Invisibles,” then returns to Earth to trill over the tribal percussion of “Animal.” Lovely and visceral at once, Invisible Ones is some potent voodoo.