Streaming Live from Paste Today: Jazz is Phish, Gavin Turek

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Streaming Live from <i>Paste</i> Today: Jazz is Phish, Gavin Turek

On this penultimate day of the work week, where a respite draws so close one can almost taste it, your friends at the Paste Studio are here to provide you with a soundtrack via Facebook Live. Early this afternoon, we’re streaming a performance from Jazz is Phish, a collective of jazz and jam musicians who reinvent the music of Phish in the form of funky instrumental soundscapes, and after that comes a session from L.A. native and soulful pop princess Gavin Turek.

Here’s how our schedule shakes out today, including approximate set times:

- 12:45 p.m. EST: Jazz is Phish @ Paste Studio, Live
- 2:30 p.m. EST: Gavin Turek @ Paste Studio, Live

Tune in on Paste’s Facebook page here, keep an eye on our feed here for any scheduling updates, and dive into our full library of previously streamed performances here.