Streaming Live from Paste Today: SUSTO, Rozes, Grace Vanderwaal

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Streaming Live from <i>Paste</i> Today: SUSTO, Rozes, Grace Vanderwaal

What a weekend, eh? It feels especially difficult, returning to the cold, hard reality of a Monday morning after the Women’s March spread hope across the globe on Saturday. But here we are, and though times are tough, positivity abounds. On that note, your friends at Paste have live music to share with you, including Paste Studio performances from Charleston-based country-rockers SUSTO, Philly alt-popper Rozes, and pop-singing prodigy Grace Vanderwaal.

- 12:30 p.m. EST: SUSTO @ Paste Studio, Live
- 4:30 p.m. EST: Rozes @ Paste Studio, Live
- 6 p.m. EST: Grace Vanderwaal @ Paste Studio, Live

Tune in on Paste’s Facebook page here and keep an eye on our feed here for any scheduling updates. Listen to Paste Cloud audio from SUSTO and Rozes below, and beneath that, watch the performance that introduced Vanderwaal to the world.