Porches Share "Be Apart" Video

Music Video
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A camera sinuously pans through a hallway before happening upon Porches’ Aaron Maine, who is lethargically lying in all black by a filled bathtub. Thus, the tone is set for the band’s video “Be Apart” off their upcoming Domino Records debut, Pool, out Feb. 5.

The band members reside in a glamorous mansion where they swill milk, bathe together and bounce basketballs like a character out of A Wrinkle in Time. This gives Daniel Brereton’s video the appearance of a cultish episode of MTV Cribs.

“Be Apart” is the album’s second single after “Hour” and continues Maine’s synth-indebted sound and also features partner Frankie Cosmos on backing vocals. The lyrics deal with the duality of wanting to stay in, but grappling with unwavering FOMO.

“I imagine the music video portraying some sort of cult or family living in a mansion,” Maine told The Fader. “The cult/mansion represent both what you might long to be a part of and also the sentiment of longing to be elsewhere, a part of what is outside.”