Porches Announces The House, Shares Pensive "Find Me" Video

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Porches Announces <i>The House</i>, Shares Pensive "Find Me" Video

As soon as Aaron Maine completed Porches’ 2016 effort Pool, the momentum from his breakthrough record kept him going. He embraced that sense of urgency to create a follow-up, and now he has announced his third album, The House.

In the span of 18 months, Maine wrote and recorded the forthcoming album, approaching the lyrics like a writing in a diary, documenting his feelings and experiences over a period of time. The album’s 14 songs are reinforced with the armor of collaboration, featuring contributions from (Sandy) Alex G, Dev Hynes (Blood Orange), Okay Kaya, Maya Laner (True Blue), Bryndon Cook (Starchild & The New Romantic), Cameron Wisch (Cende) and Maine’s own father, Peter Maine.

Of the the album, Maine explains:

The songwriting became an exercise in documenting my immediate experiences, which writing has always been for me to a certain extent, but something particular was compelling me to try to portray these moments in a more linear way. Writing this record was a form of meditation, an escape, a routine—selfish at times, as it became an excuse to avoid my immediate surroundings.

In hindsight, he describes the album as “a way to look back at a time in my life and see my guts at play,” continuing, “To try and understand what was going through my head as I slid these songs out is an interesting experience, sometimes exciting, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes still totally confusing.”

We’ve already heard a piece of The House when Porches released the video for “Country,” which “follows Maine through the winding roads and woods of his childhood in upstate New York.” Now he’s shared another page of his diary, “Find Me,” in which Maine ruminates on concepts of anxiety, escape and isolation.

The video, directed by Maine and Nick Harwood, uses scenes of Maine doing everyday activities: getting ready in the bathroom, lying in bed, floating in the pool. Meanwhile, two kids are riding bicycles through the woods and trudging through a corn field. The parties eventually meet up under a bridge, where a pensive Maine is on his knees while his company dances behind him.

The House is due out Jan. 19 via Domino. See the video for “Find Me” below, along with the cover art and tracklist for The House. Preorder the digital album here, or the physical formats of limited-edition colored vinyl, CD or cassette tape here.

The House Cover Art:

Porches The House.jpg

The House Tracklist:
01. Leave The House
02. Find Me
03. Understanding
04. Now The Water
05. Country
06. By My Side
07. Åkeren
08. Anymore
09. Wobble
10. Goodbye
11. Swimmer
12. W Longing
13. Ono
14. Anything U Want