Rich Jones Shares New Track "Dreaming," Featuring Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

The track is off Jones' forthcoming album The Shoulder You Lean On

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Rich Jones Shares New Track "Dreaming," Featuring Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

Chicago-based hip-hop artist Rich Jones has shared a new track, “Dreaming,” featuring Nnamdi Ogbonnaya. It’s the second single from his forthcoming album The Shoulder You Lean On, which he is self-releasing Nov. 2.

Jones has slowly but surely become a nearly omnipresent figure in Chicago’s hip-hop community, known for his workmanlike consistency, as well as his constant upping of fellow Chicago artists and collaborators. Those dual skills are each on display in “Dreaming,” a collaboration with fellow Chicagoan Ogbonnaya, whose breathy falsetto brings truth to the song’s title. He weaves in, over and through the yawning synth chords that seem to pulse like a heart throughout the song.

And then there’s Jones, all baritone whispers and dense rhyme patterns. He’s a Chicago rapper through and through, one who will surprise you with his agility and sure-footedness, as well as his ability to twist his rhymes into little melodic flourishes. “Dreaming” is a great taster platter of two artists doing great things in the big, beautiful world of Chicago hip-hop, and an effortlessly groovy ride-along jam. Spin it and dream.

Jones will be playing a release show at Chicago’s Sleeping Village on Nov. 3.

Listen to “Dreaming” below. You can watch Ogbonnaya’s 2018 Daytrotter Session further down.