Photos: Behind the Scenes with Ride at Brooklyn Steel

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Photos: Behind the Scenes with Ride at Brooklyn Steel

Oxfordshire quintet Ride tends to be lumped in with the shoegaze movement, which isn’t inaccurate. Over five albums, the group’s aesthetic has relied on a shimmering ribbon of distortion and synth flowed evenly around overdriven guitars and snare-driven rhythm. But unlike SG avatars My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive, Ride can also hammer home a distinct rock melody and sense of momentum contrary to their home genre’s narcotic, anonymous drones. Live, the members also refuse to solely make eye contact with their footwear, offering one of the most refined and energetic shows for bands from that era. That’s been the case throughout Ride’s recent tour behind The Weather Diaries, the band’s first album in 21 years. Paste photographer Jeanette D. Moses spent the day with the band last week at Brooklyn Steel, capturing some green room downtime before the group’s explosive, neon performance. Check it out in the gallery above. Ride kicks off a new leg of their American tour on September 20th in Denver.

Song Highlights
“Lannoy Point”
“Charm Assault”
“Vapour Trail”