Rocky Votolato: True Devotion

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Rocky Votolato: <em>True Devotion</em>

Lucky like a three-leaf clover

Rocky Votolato’s latest offers 10 reminders of what a man can do with just a guitar and a poem.

This album is an artifact from the Seattle songwriter’s season of despair, and its simple instrumentation, understated harmonies and conversational lyrics give the story weight. Stunning strings set the tone in opener “Lucky Clover Coin,” mimicking the longing stirred up by Votolato’s narrative of seclusion, anxiety and lust for freedom.

He sings, “The fruit will always show where the root is planted / I just want to come back home to you again / I just want to be free.” And on closing track “Where We Started,” hope finally overcomes. Form follows function in a viola reprise that echoes track one; the two create a sonic palindrome that recalls the album’s prophetic, hopeful first line: “You found a three leaf clover coin / You said it was good luck and I think it will be.”