London Newcomers Sorry Unveil Genre-Defying Visual Mixtape, Home Demo(ns) Vol. II

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London Newcomers Sorry Unveil Genre-Defying Visual Mixtape, <i>Home Demo(ns) Vol. II</i>

Up-and-coming London four-piece Sorry have just shared their new visual mixtape, Home Demo(ns) Vol. II.

Sorry are part of the lively scene of new London guitar bands like Shame, Goat Girl and Hotel Lux and they just signed to famed independent record label, Domino Records. They’ve also released a string of impressive singles, “2 Down 2 Dance,” “Lies” and “Wished.”

The band also released another visual mixtape, Home Demo(ns) Vol. I, the predecessor to their new mixtape, which they unveiled today. The new mixtape stars band members Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Bryen, two 19-year-old childhood best friends. The 23-minute, nine-track mixtape is a collage of lo-fi rock, bedroom pop, hip-hop, jazz and electronic music, but it’s the band’s artistic, intimate depiction of genuine vulnerability and their compelling songwriting that ties it all together. Although some might find it a bit too jarring or schizophrenic, after soaking it all in, it’s hard not to appreciate this piece of beautiful yet contained chaos.

The mixtape was filmed and produced by Lorenz and Flo Webb, and Lorenz told Noisey, “Flo and I have been making videos for fun for years and feel like the videos have built up our personality as a group. The themes just came together by things we had, found or cheap props we bought.” Lorenz expanded on the DIY quality of their new mixtape, “We try and just make scenarios around what we have and it’s fun to film your friends – they are strong characters in themselves to watch. Some of the clips we take have no purpose and were taken at random points but its cool to see something transform into something meaningful when added into the video. Hope y’all enjoy and see the small things too.”

Watch the band’s new visual mixtape, Home Demo(ns) Vol. II, below and buy the mixtape via Bandcamp here. Check out the mixtape artwork and tracklist further down.

Home Demo(ns) Vol. II Artwork:

Home Demons Vol II 3000x3000 300dpi.jpg

Home Demo(ns) Vol. II Tracklist:

01. Moment
02. Battles
03. Tearz
04. Manic
05. Winta
06. Lying Next To Me In Despair
07. Western
08. Blue
09. Ballin’ Hard For U