Speedy Ortiz Face Sexual Harassment Head on With "Villain" Video

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Speedy Ortiz Face Sexual Harassment Head on With "Villain" Video

Ahead of the release of Twerp Verse on Apr. 27 via Carpark Records, Speedy Ortiz have released a timely visual for their new song, “Villain.” The song, written in 2014, examines the “mental gymnastics survivors have to do” after enduring traumatic experiences.

Following the campy visuals of the recently released “Lean In When I Suffer” and “Lucky 88,” the group continue with the theme with the 1950s-throwback feel of their latest song. Nods to the #MeToo movement and Time’s Up can be seen throughout the video as Sadie Dupuis shifts from being a housewife, to a working woman, to a fitness enthusiast just going about her day. But things get very uncomfortable in the multi-colored visual as Dupuis is constantly harassed by fish-headed men creeping around and touching her inappropriately. All this occurs as Dupuis’ bandmates perform on a black-and-white television. Despite her circumstances, Dupuis ends up asserting herself in the end.

The visual matches the production and lyrical content of the song as Dupuis narrates what women go through daily in a male-dominated society over a distorted, 1990s-rock beat with hints of surf rock. The heavy production mirrors Dupuis’s subtle vocals when she sings, “I want to know what kind of games you like … He talks like he knows me / So I’m being polite.” She follows that with, “I want to know what kind of boys you like … He asks me these questions / But did he earn the right / No way.”

Speedy Ortiz are on a roll with their quirky videos. The group is set up for a big year with their new album (their first since 2015’s Foil Deer) and ongoing tour.

Check out the “Villain” video (dir. Elle Schneider) and listen to the group’s 2014 Daytrotter Session below.