Spotify Launches New Portal for Video Game Soundtracks and Playlists

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Spotify has recently launched a new portal in its Genres and Moods section titled “Gaming.” The page collects original videogame soundtracks and playlists curated by both the company and users.

Currently, soundtracks range from the diverse Grand Theft Auto V, to the atmospherics of Limbo to the noisy, percussive soundscapes HEALTH created for the Max Payne 3 soundtrack.

The playlists are the more interesting feature. While some are a bit plain (looking at you, Ultimate Rock Gaming and Ultimate Hip Hop Gaming), others offer more creative selections.

For instance, there’s a soundtrack curated by the Uncharted 4 game developers to show what Nathan Drake might listen to while exploring a ruin (hint: it’s a lot of classic rock).

Retrowave/Outrun boasts eight hours of synth-laden soundscapes perfect for the forthcoming NES re-release, while “Catch ‘Em All” is, you guessed it, a playlist meant for Pokémon GO players.

Those who plan to use their weekend to explore the outer reaches of No Man’s Sky can ponder the big empty with Boards of Canada and Explosions in the Sky in “Soundscapes for Gaming.”

The streaming platform says it will be adding more OSTs and playlists soon. Revisit our picks for the 15 Best Videogame Soundtracks released last year for ideas on where to start.