Tacocat Pay Homage to The X-Files in Fun 'Dana Katherine Scully' Video

Music Video
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David Duchovny already has a song dedicated to him, so it’s about damn time that his television partner Gillian Anderson, aka Dana Katherine Scully, has an ode in her name, too. The X-Files’ more grounded FBI agent is now immortalized in song, thanks to Seattle pop-punks Tacocat.

The video for “Dana Katherine Scully” features singer Emily Nokes donning a red wig and shoulder pads, making for a pretty uncanny Scully. Bandmates provide supporting roles as “Monster of the Week” creatures whom the always-cynical Scully doesn’t believe in—despite the fact that she joins their party and smokes their astro-turf.

“I’d been watching a ton of old school X-Files around the time that we were writing the album, and I was just like, man, she’s so fascinating. She’s just so deadpan, and the only voice of reason amongst these hard-science men in these fields of law enforcement and science,” Nokes told Rookie Mag.

Tacocat’s newest album, Lost Time, is out today from Hardly Art.