The Best Cosplayers of New York Comic Con 2013

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The Best Cosplayers of New York Comic Con 2013

This year’s New York Comic Con was chock full of notable anniversaries, with The Walking Dead turning 10, Doctor Who celebrating 50 wibbly-wobbly years, and Superman ringing in at a whopping 75. But for the city’s cosplayers, 2013 was the year of Harley Quinn. It could be because she’s getting her very own series next month, or maybe people just like carrying around giant mallets. But whatever the reason, the Maiden of Mischief was well represented.

Characters from BioShock, Borderlands and Adventure Time mingled with Deadpools, Lokis, and Jokers. The costumes ranged from the pragmatic, like the Harley who used her hollow bat as a purse, to the wildly impractical, like the guy in the dinosaur outfit that had to be guided around by a handler. Most were as impressive for their commitment to the characters as their ingenuity and DIY spirit.

Here, some of the best costumes from New York Comic Con.