The Cranberries Release Title Track from Final Album, “In The End”

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The Cranberries Release Title Track from Final Album, “In The End”

The Cranberries have released the title track from their forthcoming and final album, In The End, out April 26 via BMG.

The album, which has been previously cited as having a “classic Dolores [O’Riordan]” sound, will posthumously feature vocals from the late singer pulled from demos recorded prior to her passing in January of 2018.

“In The End” ushers in the band’s final era with lilting, melancholy acoustics reminiscent of those earlier hits like “Linger” and “Dreams,” on which the world first fell for the Irish songstress. The song’s opening lyrics pinpoint O’Riordan’s knack for capturing bittersweetness in a manner accessible to all: “Ain’t it strange / When everything you wanted / Was nothing like you wanted / In the end.” It is the last song on the album, and was the last song recorded for the album.

“What a way to finish the record. To have ‘In The End’ as the last song is just perfect,” says drummer Fergal Lawler. “Lyrically, it is self-explanatory,” adds Noel Hogan, guitarist for The Cranberries. “It speaks for itself. It just is a lovely feeling and it’s a gorgeous song.”

While “In The End” may signal the end of The Cranberries, there’s really no ending for a sound as timeless and recognizable as that of the 1990s quartet hailing from Limerick, Ireland. Consider it an era everlasting.

Listen to the song and revisit The Cranberries’ Woodstock ‘94 performance below, and find In The End’s tracklist and album art further down. You can preorder the album here.

In The End Tracklist:
01. All Over Now
02. Lost
03. Wake Me When It’s Over
04. A Place I Know
05. Catch Me If You Can
06. Got It
07. Illusion
08. Crazy Heart
09. Summer Song
10. The Pressure
11. In The End

In The End Album Art:

The Cranberries In The End