The Flaming Lips Feature The Clash's Mick Jones on Wacky New Single "Giant Baby"

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The Flaming Lips Feature The Clash's Mick Jones on Wacky New Single "Giant Baby"

The latest single from the ever-so-eclectic Flaming Lips is fittingly surreal, and features none other than The Clash’s Mick Jones.

“Giant Baby” not only taps into the psychedelic side of The Flaming Lips, but also showcases some bizarre, somewhat robotic-like vocals from frontman Wayne Coyne. Sonically, the song starts mellow with dreamy synths and keyboards, then brings in layered electronic beats and acoustic guitar as it builds into an anthemic tune fit for a UFO.

With Coyne’s vocals playing out like some peculiar lullaby, the song seemingly tells the story of an oversized, dare we say, giant baby and his love of outer space. It’s weird, wacky and oh so fitting for The Flaming Lips’ latest venture ahead of their album King’s Mouth.

Jones assists the band by providing a voiceover that plays into the narrative of the song. “The giant newborn grew into a giant little boy. It wasn’t easy to find him giant baby toys,” Jones narrates. When The Flaming Lips initially announced their new album, it was revealed that Jones contributes narration to every song on the 12-track album.

The album premiered on Record Store Day 2019 with a now-sold-out, vinyl-only release, but is set to have a wide release via Warner Records (aka the newly rebranded Warner Bros. Records) on July 19. The album is the band’s follow-up to their 2017 release Oczy Mlody.

Watch the lyric video for The Flaming Lips’ “Giant Baby” below and catch a 2007 Lips performance from the Paste archives further down.