Watch the Punch Brothers Play "Like It's Going Out of Style" in New Live Video

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Watch the Punch Brothers Play "Like It's Going Out of Style" in New Live Video

Last Friday, July 20, the Punch Brothers returned with their fifth studio album, All Ashore. Following the release of their fourth, The Phosphorescent Blues, the five folksters were heralded as modern bluegrass heroes. On All Ashore, they propel bluegrass further into the future, incorporating more complicated anecdotes, enticing production and even what might be considered quasi-rap, on the spirited “The Angel of Doubt.” Now they’ve shared a new live rendering of “Like It’s Going Out of Style,” the record’s quiet caboose track. Give it a look below.

Recorded live from Layman Drug Company in Nashville, Tenn., the video is packed with the group’s fluttery acoustic stylings. All Ashore is a soft record, and “Like It’s Going Out of Style” is, in many ways, hushed. But its quietness doesn’t lack a message. It’s a thoughtful love song and, like so many Punch Brothers tunes, an impressive display of string work.

Last month, Paste talked with Punch Brothers frontman Chris Thile (also the host of public radio favorite Live From Here, formerly A Prairie Home Companion) about the new record, his show and raising his son. Read the conversation here.

Back in 2012, the oft-gentle Punch Brothers ripped through a cover of The Strokes’ “Reptilia” during a show in Austin, Texas. If you’re in the mood to watch a mandolin flawlessly imitate electric guitar, check out the entire set from the Paste archives, below.