Song Premiere: The Rad Trads - "Keith Richards and I"

Music Audio The Rad Trads
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Following up on their 2014 debut, Self Help, The Rad Trads pack a mean punch on “Keith Richards and I.”

The song paints a playfully vivid picture of a band that views the “rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle” as a perpetual stream of wild nights and debauchery. According to lead vocalist/writer John Fatum, this sentiment is further fueled by the narrator’s amazement that they’re recording with “Atlantic, Capital [and], Keith Richards,” therefore, they must be doing it right. With a killer driving groove, further prompted by brother Michael Fatum’s percussive trumpet hits matching John’s gritty vocals, The Rad Trads truly show how tight they are as an ensemble while having fun at the same time.

Recorded in Harlem last November, Must We Call Them Rad Trads will be Dala Records’ second full-length released. Expect it out in May, and catch The Rad Trads embarking on a world tour summer through fall.