The Sights: Most of What Follows Is True

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The Sights: <em>Most of What Follows Is True</em>

Most of what follows is alright

Detroit quartet The Sights’ fourth full-length offering is about 70 percent rock, 20 percent ‘60s pop and just enough upbeat folk to rev the album into fifth gear.

Hooky tracks like “3 Cheers” come along just in time for summertime windows-down driving; the Rock Band-worthy “How Do You Sleep?” runs completely on prominent electric guitar. And just to make sure there’s a little something for every musical mood, The Sights throw in the rock-twangy “I Left My Muse,” complete with pedal steel, a lilting rhythm and choral howls. The variety is nice, but the album would have been better if it had etched out a more defined route. On “Guilty,” the Sights play it safe, with half-hearted guitar riffs and slightly subdued vocals. “My songs, they might be true / But they don’t sing me back to you,” the band professes on “Back To You,” and the confession seems apt. At best, this is a good album for coasting—or any activity where you don’t have to pay full attention.