Tom Petty's Widow, Daughters Fight Tooth and Nail Over Salad Dressing Venture

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Tom Petty's Widow, Daughters Fight Tooth and Nail Over Salad Dressing Venture

The battle over control of Tom Petty’s estate is raging on with no end in sight, with the newest installment in the intellectual property saga having everything to do with a salad dressing empire.

The late musician’s widow Dana York Petty has issued legal threats against Petty’s eldest daughter Adria Petty, accusing her of planning to develop a line of Paul Newman-style salad dressings using her father’s likeness, Page Six reports.

The explosive legal filing details Dana’s aversion to the idea and expressly states that “Tom’s fans would also find it a sad perversion of Tom’s legacy.”

Control of Petty’s estate and likeness has been in limbo since the musician’s untimely death in late 2017. Variety reported in April that widow Dana York Petty had entered a probate battle with his daughter, arguing that she was the sole trustee of Petty’s trust and had the power to establish an entity to control his catalog with equal participation from his daughters.

In her probate petition, Dana sought the help of a professional manager to oversee Petty’s catalog, who would consult all three women on major decisions, but his daughters had a different idea, interpreting “equal participation” as having control of the entity by a two-thirds majority vote.

Dana thereafter accused Adria of conducting business matters in an abusive and erratic manner, and Adria responded by filing her own petition to give her effective control of the catalog.

Petty’s daughters filed another suit against Dana in May, seeking $5 million in damages for being deprived of their “rightful role” in determining the manner in which Petty’s works are released, per Variety.

But the squabbles don’t end there. In her newest legal filing, Dana includes “abusive” text messages allegedly sent to her by Adria regarding the cover design for Petty’s An American Treasure boxset, and is now asking the judge to have his two daughters removed from the trust.

Dana’s attorney Adam Streisand told Page Six, “Dana Petty would have done almost anything to avoid all of this. Over the past weeks and months, however, the behavior of her stepdaughters Adria and Annakim has gone from unconscionable to unhinged—and it needs to be stopped.”

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