Waxahatchee Shares Cathartic New Track, "Never Been Wrong"

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Waxahatchee Shares Cathartic New Track, "Never Been Wrong"

Waxahatchee’s forthcoming album Out In The Storm is one of summer 2017’s most highly anticipated releases. Today we were treated to the record’s opening track, titled, “Never Been Wrong.” This is the second track that’s graced us from the project, following the single “Silver,” and based solely off these two tracks, it’s safe to say that Out In The Storm is a record driven by catharsis.

Whereas “Silver” is more a track touching on the themes of self-destruction and transformation, all amid layering vocals and blistering guitars, “Never Been Wrong” is a post-breakup anthem executed through the back-to-basic, riff-heavy guitar and squall-like drumming of indie rock from the late ‘90s. Listen to the audio below.

Since, Katie Crutchfield’s piercing debut as Waxahatchee, American Weekend—an 11-track, lo-fi bedroom-rock record filled with acoustic songs about unrequited love, heartbreak and how awkward being 20-something is—there’s only been evidence of growth and a newfound confidence in Crutchfield’s songwriting and music. In “Never Been Wrong,” Crutchfield narrates a crumbling relationship and it’s dissolution through eloquent and self-aware lyrics: ”“Everyone will hear me complain / Everyone will pity my pain / And you’ll play defense, evading the nonsense / Does it make you feel good to watch me stumble in the dark?”

Out In the Storm is out July 14 via Merge. Find out more about the record here.