Watch Waxahatchee's Stark, Late-Night "Silver" Video

Music Video Waxahatchee
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One of the things that makes Katie Crutchfield’s work as Waxahatchee some of the most vital in rock is that she’s able to take what sound like deeply personal and intimate moments and make them remarkably relatable. In new single “Silver,” our first taste of the just-announced Out in the Storm, she sings of a kiss on her lips that feels increasingly unfamiliar. The once-sugary love is starting to curdle.

Not that “Silver” itself smacks of disappointment or dissolution. The song (produced by Dinosaur Jr./Sonic Youth producer John Agnello) is a fuzzy piece of pop-rock that never stops barreling forward. Crutchfield and Katie Harkin’s guitars slice through any relational heaviness with some stellar riffs, while Katie’s equally talented sister Allison pounds away on percussion. Where past tracks such as “Summer of Love” spent time romanticizing what’s already happened, “Silver” gazes hopefully at what’s to come.

Crutchfield’s heading out on a U.S. tour supporting The New Pornographers, and she also has a few upcoming festival dates. Out in the Storm drops July 14 on Merge and you can preorder it here. Find more info on the album here.