Canticles by Cardiphonia
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For fans of:Bifrost Arts, Indelible Grace, Sufjan Stevens, The Welcome Wagon, Red Mountain Music
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  1. The Gentle Wolves (Richard Kentopp) - Canticle of the Turning (Luke 1-46-55).mp3
  2. Wen Reagan - He Has Come (Luke 1-46-55).mp3
  3. Philip Majorins - Set Us Free (Luke 1-68-79).mp3
  4. Karl Digerness and Brian T. Murphy - Alas! The Lord My Life is Gone (Jonah 2-2-9).mp3
  5. Brian Moss - Sing Out My Soul (Luke 1-46-55).mp3
  6. Jason Morrell - In the Night (Isaiah 26-9-20).mp3
  7. Andrew Rottner - My Soul Magnifies the Lord (Luke 1-46-55).mp3
  8. Bruce Benedict - Simeon's Song (Luke 2-29-33).mp3
  9. Caroline Cobb - Habakkuk's Prayer (Still I Will Rejoice).mp3
  10. Craig Harris - Arise and Look to the Skies (Isaiah 60-1-19).mp3
  11. Jodee Lewis and Paul Vander Bijl - My Strength, My Song, My Salvation (Ex.15-1-18).mp3
  12. Greg Scheer - The Weaver of Time (Isaiah 38-10-20).mp3
  13. Hiram Ring - Awake My Soul (Isaiah 55-6-11).mp3
  14. Gregory Wilbur - Seek Ye the Lord While He May Be Found (Isaiah 55-6-11).mp3
  15. Jeff Bourque - Jonah's Song (Jonah 2-2-9).mp3
  16. Stephen Wozny - Zion (Isaiah 12-1-6).mp3
  17. Jered McKenna - Arise, Shine, For Your Light Has Come (Isaiah 60-1-19).mp3
  18. Jess Alldredge - God Will be Your Glory (Isaiah 60-1-19).mp3
  19. Katie Tracy and Mark Ribera - In Our Distress We Sought the Lord (Isaiah 26-9-20).mp3
  20. Luke Brawner - Ascribe (Deut. 32-1-43).mp3
  21. Steve Thorngate - You Send Your Servant Forth in Peace (Luke 2-29-33).mp3
  22. Naaman Wood - For You Alone (Revelation 15-3-4).mp3
  23. Wendell Kimbrough - Dawning Light of Our Salvation (Luke 1-68-79).mp3
  24. Patrick Schlabs - I Called to God (Jonah 2-2-9).mp3
  25. Peter La Grand - You Alone are Holy (Revelation 15-3-4).mp3
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Canticles - from the Song of Moses in Exodus 15 to the Song of Moses and the Lamb in Revelation 15 God has given voice to his people's response in poetic praise throughout the story of scripture. He has given poetic song as an embodied way for his people to corporately gather their spirits together and offer praise, thanksgiving, lament, and covenant proclamation. The canticles typically refer to songs in scripture that habitate outside the psalms.

In this latest compilation from Cardiphonia we have invited a group of church musicians and songwriters to meditate on 13 of these scripture songs that have been the most used throughout church history. So few of them find voice in the praises of the evangelical church (it is slightly a different case in the more liturgical traditions) and most of its musicians are largely unaware of their presence. They have so much to teach us about God and worship and we though it was important for the churches musicians to have an opportunity to engage with these songs.

These canticles are a brilliant array of the various ways of writing from scripture. Some of them are word for word renditions, others pursuing something akin to dynamic equivalence, many offer a paraphrase, and a couple provide reflections from this side of the cross.

All in all they will be a huge blessing to the church as we seek to sing God's songs back to Him.


Produced by Bruce Benedict for Cardiphonia

Art and Design by Erik Newby |

Mastered by Levi Seitz |

Cardiphonia is a 501c3 (non-profit) organization (through Artists in Christian Testimony) that seeks to encourage liturgical artists in the service of the church. You can give a tax deductible donation to Cardiphonia here.

For fans of:Bifrost Arts, Indelible Grace, Sufjan Stevens, The Welcome Wagon, Red Mountain Music
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