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Season Of The Witches' Ball (Salem Inspired Halloween Bootlegs)

Season Of The Witches' Ball (Salem Inspired Halloween Bootlegs) by DJ Addambombb
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For fans of:fatboy slim, depeche mode, parov stelar, pretty lights, angelspit
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  1. Wytches Dance (Inkubus Sukkubus)
  2. Werewolves (Warren Zevon)
  3. Season Of The Witch (Donovan)
  4. 'Taint No Sin (1929 version)
  5. Mos Eisley Swing (Cantina song from Star Wars)
  6. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  7. Broken Wings (Mr Mister)
  8. Shake A Bone (Son Of Dave)
  9. You Want It Darker (Leonard Cohen)
  10. Space Oddity (David Bowie)

Every year the autumn turns orange and Witches from all corners of the world gather in Salem, Massachusetts for the Festival of the Dead. The old cobblestone streets fill with revelers and becomes a street fair, a carnival of costumes and flash and flesh. Many spiritual paths cross here, where the line between the past and present is thinnest. Then, on Halloween night we don the garb, we shout the words, and we dance to celebrate life as death dances around us!

The Salem Witches' Halloween Ball, hosted by Christian Day, is the pinnacle event of the season. It's been noted by numerous travel sites as one of the best parties in the world, in the best place in the world to be on Halloween. I've spent the last decade performing at Festival of the Dead events every year, where i mix up a blend of magical pop, killer dance remixes, gothic floor shakers and the occasional murder ballad. It's inspired me to take some great old songs and freshen them up for the world's best Halloween party!

So herein please find big beat bootleg remixes of "Season Of The Witch" by Donovan and "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon, a sexy trip hop take on the "Wytches' Chant" by Inkubus Sukkubus, and electroswing re-grooves of ragtime classic "'Taint No Sin (to Dance Around in Your Bones)" and the Star Wars "Cantina" song - and some other cool sh*t! Your donations are appreciated (and help me make more music!), but it's free in your candy bag - 'cuz I'm the King of Halloween, baby! ;)

Check out the party :

For fans of:fatboy slim, depeche mode, parov stelar, pretty lights, angelspit
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