Alex G

Daytrotter Session - Aug 10, 2014

Aug 10, 2014 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Alex G
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Harvey
  3. Black Hair
  4. Icehead
  5. Boy
The way that Alex G takes us through a song is the way you would be if you found yourself correcting other people all day long -- like they just aren't getting it, like there's too much damned explaining to do about everything. There's an undertone of tension and there's a feeling that you're racing around chasing a tail. There are pie in the sky dreams and there are sweaty tosses and turns through nights that are vicious and somewhat unpleasant. They've all been leaving your eyes sandy come the mornings. The way these bedroom stories, by this Philadelphia musician, go is that they're full of agitation that's been beaten down and rumpled. Everything's a big misunderstanding and if it's not that, it's just a chill letdown -- the kind that you just can't avoid as a young man making mistakes and figuring out his own learning curve.