Buck T. Edwards

For fans of:Music with an edge, Twang and guitars, Engaging lyrics, Southern rock, country and blues...

Buck T. Edwards is a multi-talented humorist/singer/songwriter with over 700 titles (Including his new album: Great American Novel) to his credit. The son of an American father and a Canadian mother, Buck grew up in the potato fields of Northern Maine and the hills, lakes and rivers of the St. John Valley, Accustomed to hard work. (He's driven tractors!) Buck gravitated early to the vintage sounds of Roger Miller, Dick Curless and Hank Snow, and at the insistence of his Canadian Uncles, Buck soon picked up a guitar and started writing.The results have come quickly. The winner of song and album of the year at the Pine State Country Music Association awards show, for his debut album "If You Don't Get it by Midnite," Buck pushed on in the studio and released the follow-ups "Loaded Gun," " Release Your Inner Redneck," "All That's Missing is You...," "Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names," "Great American Novel," and the new release "Temporary." More recently Buck was nominated for Song of the Year by the Maine Songwriters Association for his new single "Kids Today." Look for more new music to be released in 2022 and beyond! 

Although he is know for his humor and honky tonk classics such as "Zero to Sixty," "Thank God for Beer" and "If You Don't Get it by Midnite," and rockers like "Hotdog it's Saturday Night," "Straight to Hello," and "Give Me a Redneck Girl," Buck has also written beautiful ballads like, "Blame it on Mexico" and "All The World I Need." Bucks live show is something he is very proud of and always has something for everyone. A showman, comedian and all-around entertainer, talents honed from years of smoky bar gigs, family jams, reunions and bar-be-ques, Buck recently headlined Country Woodstock in Rehoboth, MA, performing 7 sets over the weekend and was also selected to perform at the Bluebird Cafe Songwriters Tent on the Country Throwdown Tour. Buck then made the unusual decision to break from touring to record not one, but three new albums to showcase his diversity as a songwriter. With influences as diverse as Roger Miller, Hank Snow or Alan Jackson to George Thorogood, Chuck Berry or even Bo Diddley. Buck's sounds and lyrics mix humor and personal insights to take you to a raucous place somewhere outside of ordinary where cowboys are cowboys and it's still ok to belly up to the bar and have a cold one!