Cali Conscious

For fans of:Jack Johnson, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Iration, Bob Marley, Rebelution

Cali Conscious is a barefoot beach reggae band with a laid back California style. Their mellow sound originated near the ocean, naturally influenced by the sunshine, soothing waves and the calming ocean breeze. The music blends 4-part harmonies, upbeat rhythms and environmentally conscientious lyrics to create an energetic live experience that makes your soul groove. Cali Conscious music is more than just good vibes. The band organized a community beach clean up once a month in Huntington Beach from 2012-2014, funded the construction of two clean water wells in Ethiopia with the donation of live performance tips earned in 2013, and also created a digital download card embedded with carrot, lettuce, and tomato seeds for the release of their first album “High Times.”

They are currently working on their 2nd full length album. Their catchy song lyrics are positive, sharing a message of hope, living with love in the present moment and promoting a global and sustainable way of life. The band will tour extensively along the coastal United States in support of their next album, cleaning the beach and raising money to fight homelessness and bring clean drinking water to the global community along the way.