Dear Gravity

For fans of:Salt Of The Sound, Hammock, Helios, Explosions In The Sky, Antarctic Wastelands

Combining ambient, cinematic, and post-rock elements, Dear Gravity's musical work is new yet familiar. Always exploring, always searching, always wondering.

Principal member Mike Graff is no stranger to the ambient music scene, having been involved in a wide range of instrumental projects over the past decade.

Featured worldwide in a variety of films and projects, Dear Gravity's first three releases - Remedy Pictures, Shadows Vol. I, and I Hope This Letter Finds You Well - were all been met with critical acclaim.

Continuing forth in 2019, Dear Gravity has released the first two installments the three-album Pilgrimage Series in collaboration with Echoes Blue Music (Salt Of The Sound, Narrow Skies, Antarctic Wastelands). The first and second installments, Departure and Wayfaring, are now available wherever you listen to music. The third installment, Arrival, is set to arrive in Q4 2019.

In between Pilgrimage releases, Dear Gravity released the minimalist-mindfulness album Sleep Scenes in October 2019 with growing resonance from listeners and playlisters.