ElfQuest - The Soundtrack

ElfQuest: the Soundtrack

ElfQuest: the Soundtrack  by ElfQuest - The Soundtrack
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For fans of:John Williams, Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer
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  1. Titles
  2. In The Beginning
  3. Tam's Interlude
  4. Stars And Fire
  5. Into The Caves
  6. Crossing The Sand
  7. Savah
  8. The Final Challenge
  9. A Mean Sonofa She-Wolf
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When a fierce tribe of woodland elves - the Wolfriders - are burned from their homes by hostile humans, their chief, Cutter, must tap every reserve of strength and will to lead his people to safety.

Frank Schulmeyer has composed a lush, epic soundtrack that has truly lived up to the enormity of the saga of ElfQuest. Brooding, thrilling, enchanting; Schulmeyer brings the world of Two Moons alive in unforgettable orchestral beauty.

Welcome, as Realm presents the epic saga ElfQuest from comic book creators Wendy and Richard Pini in the richly layered audio movie, directed by Fred Greenhalgh. Cree Summer, Alejandro Saab, Osric Chau, Amber Benson, Aaron Douglas, Clare Kramer, Will Friedle, Zehra Fazal, Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, Ray Porter, and a full cast.Produced by Dagaz Media, Bluejay Atlantic, Wolfrider Productions, in association with The Fantasy Network.

For fans of:John Williams, Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer
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