Reconciliation Band

Hope in the Night

Hope in the Night by Reconciliation Band
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Christian/GospelFolk Rock
For fans of:Chris Rice, Steve Green, Caedmon's Call, Andrew Peterson, Michael Card
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  1. Hope in the Night
  2. Not Again
  3. You Are Loved
  4. I Will Remember
  5. Prayer of a Lonely Bird
  6. Who Would Believe It!
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These songs are taken from our latest project, Hope in the Night. They reflect our earnest desire to to live in the light of the love of God and to encourage everyone to find rest in the hope of the gospel.

Hope in the Night is based upon Psalm 63 and was written to encourage our daughter (and Bass player) who was struggling, and we have rejoiced to hear from those who have been encouraged by its message to find hope in the love of God. We have also been surprised at the number of churches interested in singing this song, so we have also included the lyric and chord sheet in the download.

Not Again was written in response to a situation where those who were oppressed were crying out to God for help, and it represents our challenge to the church to stand up and rally to the aid of those in need. It is based on Psalm 82, where God calls on civil rulers and religious leaders to defend the oppressed.

You are Loved is a lullaby that reminds us all that God's promises are as certain as the sunrise and sunset. The movements of the heavens are like His music that reminds us of His constant faithfulness and love. "You are loved" is another way for us to tell people that any love we might be able to show is simply God loving them through us.

I Will Remember is based on the same Psalm as Hope in the Night, only this song is looking back on the struggles that God has brought them through. It was written for Tom's father, who had just received a lung transplant after a prolonged battle with a lung disease. When he came out of surgery he asked that Tom write a song remembering the blessings of God.

Prayer of a Lonely Bird was taken from Psalm 102, where the Psalmist likens himself to a bird that is lonely, another bird that is out of place, and a bird that is being harassed. He sits in the broken rubble of Jerusalem and waits for the eternal God to keep the promise to rebuild the city. It is a profound metaphor for the restoration that God has promised in Jesus Christ, and it reminds us that we can trust in His promise to reconcile all things to Himself.

Who Would Believe It! is a song that rose out of a personal study of Isaiah 53. On first reading, the question that starts the chapter can easily be read with an almost defeated tone. This is incorrect, since the end of the chapter cannot be true without the resurrection. Instead, this question should be read with an exclamation point. Wow! Jesus took our sins upon Himself and by His sacrifice made a way for us to be reconciled to God. We have also included the chord sheet for this song in the download.

We pray that these songs will be a blessing to you and that you will discover for yourself that God is your hope in the night.

Christian/GospelFolk Rock
For fans of:Chris Rice, Steve Green, Caedmon's Call, Andrew Peterson, Michael Card
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