Great Peacock

Daytrotter Session - Apr 17, 2013

Apr 17, 2013 Big Light Studio Nashville, TN by Great Peacock
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  1. Tennessee
  2. Take Me To The Mountain
  3. Desert Lark
  4. Secret Meeting

There's a feeling within Great Peacock songs that at any moment, the people in them might become witnesses to something that could rank somewhere in the mythical proportion range. It just could be that some simple act is going to shoot a feeling of divine intervention through their bodies, but then it will pass right through and leave them again. It won't stick with them. They will get that taste that they need, that sip of the elixir that's going to keep them believing for the longest time. They are going to know that they're a part of something and not some broken piece that's been thrown into a catch-all drawer with the rubber bands, paperclips, random scraps of paper and millions of arms and legs.

Blount Floyd and Andrew Nelson of the Nashville band take their characters to places where there's a known vibe, where there's a pulsating energy that can be tapped into. They take us to the mountains - the same ones that they're asking to be taken to as well - and they just let it hit them. You get a sense that this is where they journey to when everything's going to hell. They spot the highest point from the base level and then they just set out to reach it, to scale all of the terrain before them and plant themselves there in the thinner air, with hearts beating deeper, as if they were housed within an oil drum.

These smoldering country folk songs make you feel like you'd prefer that the river just swelled up and carried you away or the vehicle you were driving in would just go ahead and run out of fuel so you would have to walk it off. You'd just like to see if you could make it cause there's nothing like a good survival story. The lonelier you are when you're forced to survive, the better it feels. They sing, "Take me to the mountain and wash me in the riverside/It's such a perfect place to hide away the night," and they make you believe that they're running from ghosts, they're seeking blessings and they're trying to mend themselves as best as they can. They know that they need help though, when they spy all the lost sharks in the river they're being washed in.