Greyson Grimes

10 Years

10 Years  by Greyson Grimes
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For fans of:Damien Rice, James Bay, Coldplay, Kings Of Leon, Bon Iver
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  1. The Findings of..
  2. So Low
  3. Intensions
  4. The Fight
  5. Fool For You
  6. Love Was There
  7. Me Now
  8. You're My Girl
  9. Truth and Flying Kites
  10. Undone
  11. Dancing on my Heart
  12. Lola
  13. Forever and Ever
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These are songs I wrote, played, and recorded over the last 10 years. (Since I was 15 years old) The most recent song on this album is three years old. It has taken me this long to allow people to download them. I was very insecure about how my voice sounded in these years, but also very uncomfortable being so vulnarable about what i wrote about in these songs. But now that I am a little older and listening back to them. I think its okay to let go and let people hear them. These songs are about life as a preachers kid, songs about my first girlfriend, songs about drugs and alcohol, songs about my heart being broken, songs about how I felt things differently than anyone else. And so here you go. I made these for you.


All Songs Written, composed, recorded, performed, and produced by Greyson Grimes

Jordan Olshevski for producing, performing, and editing all the drum tracks for Undone/The Fight/ and You're My Girl

Special Thanks:

My family...

Dad, thank you for exposing me to all kinds of music. And inspiring me in my early years. I used to love watching you sing and play your guitar and seeing people smile with your music.

Mom, thanks for being my number one fan. Thank you for homeschooling me so I can go into my cave and record and sing my heart out in all hours of the night and day. And most importantly, thank you for listening. Not hearing me, but listening to me.

Gabrielle (Sister), thank you for pushing me. Thank you for supporting me through all the ups and downs.

Brandon Collins, when I was 15. Out of all the musicians that past through our home. You were the only one that listened till the song was over and pushed me to keep going. No matter how shitty it sounded. Everyone else, even your brother wrote me off because I was young and no far along. But you always listened. That Brandon meant the world to me. Thanks for believing in the unseen.

For fans of:Damien Rice, James Bay, Coldplay, Kings Of Leon, Bon Iver
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