For fans of:Machine Head, Slipknot, Pantera, Sepultura

HYPERCENTER was a 6 piece fusion of chaos, strings, battery and grinding (both vocal and molecular compound), diverging as one body, one equation, dividing upon itself and any formulae that had succumbed to it.

Perfect in its resonance and sociopathic in its nature, the HYPERCENTER entity humbly feasted on the ideals of logic and reason, visualised as a magnificent spark with limitless potential that soon engulfed all those who dared to touch its centre without losing a breath of inspiration. HYPERCENTER was born of pure hate and thus it showed its promise by hating those who loved it most. Nobody involved was left unscathed.

HYPERCENTER is zero divided.

It is a point where nothing turns on itself, then sucks the life out of everything.

Everything cannot escape the clutches of nothing.

Throw into the mix lawsuits and hit men, and then we go beyond the realms of expectation. The entity developed a personality of its own. Major label interest, a sideshow circus of US managers and deranged bi-polar Australian investors, a chaotic mix of internal creative personalities, AUS $250,000, promise & praise & ego & the hype, drug fuelled paranoia & its sober cousin, hit men, lawyers, crazed Australian crop dusters armed with shotguns and yes, limitless potential…

This entity had it all. What has survived is what started it all, the music. The sound of madness dividing upon itself. An infinite collection of ‘what if’s…”.

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