Indelible Grace Ministries

For fans of:Hillsong, Rich Mullins , Hymnal

Indelible Grace Ministries began in the 1980's in Denver, Colorado. Bob Baker fell in love with the truth at Living Water’s Tabernacle, 1701 S. Sherman, Denver, Colorado. His pastor was Brother D.E. Hill. Bob started a small recording studio in the basement of his house on Clermont St. in Denver. There he recorded different arrangements of Christian music with family and fellow worshipers. A dear brother in the Lord, John O’Dorisio Sr., graciously agreed to help remodel Bob’s basement in order to have a private area for recording. As the Holy Spirit inspired interpretations of the Grace & Glory carols, Bob took the arrangements and began recording them for the saints at Living Waters Tabernacle. The first recording on cassette was called Grace & Glory I, Out of and Into. As each new project began, more and more saints wanted to be involved with the music. In the 1990's, Bob moved to Littleton, Colorado and decided to build a larger studio above the garage specifically for recording. Ray Lee Hill helped build it and J.D. Hill helped wire the entire sutdio. There were as many as 20 different vocalists on each of the upcoming Grace & Glory CD’s. The two instrumental CD’s, Grace & Glory V and VI, were recorded at the Ponderosa Youth Camp Chapel near Monument, Colorado. They were compilations of music played after each service while saints were praying and being filled with the Holy Spirit.