Inside Joke

For fans of:Lonely Planet, Weird Al, Pigeon John, Lecrae, Beastie Boys

Inside Joke started out in college where He was the University of Kentucky Wildcat Mascot. Originally just making up fun songs to perform with his friends at area coffee shops and clubs, Inside Joke was born original songs started to take shape around goofy and abserd real-life situations and also local FCA Camps where Inside Joke (aka Gavin Duerson) was serving. Several years and later, Inside Joke has now realeased his fifth project entitled "Foolish Songs That Shame The Wise"--an album that takes everything to the next level! On this project the beats, stories, and jokes are taken to the next level and we also get his most hard hitting and serious track to date, "You Don't Hear Me Though." On this track there are no jokes--only hard hitting truths that stem from his day job planting house/simple churches with the Simple Church Alliance.

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Make sure to check out Inside Joke on itunes, amazon, and emusic to sample some of his classic hits including "Carpet On Ya Chest," "The Turtleman Rap," "Feels Like Love," "Chillin in Berea," and "Grand Marquis" and his cover of Over The Rhine's "The Poopsmith Song"

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