Jamaal Sabree

Space Between Us (Mature Audience)

Space Between Us (Mature Audience) by Jamaal Sabree
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For fans of:Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, Hillsong United, Jesus Culture
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  1. Space Between Us (Mature Audience)
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Space Between Us Lyrics

I'm walking around eyes red like I just woke up A lot of beef I’ve been through

Look , I’m just trying to be transparent

A lot of my situations is see through

You don't see me but I see you

Been called a niggah by many in the church and it hurts

I treat situations like a parent

“It's going to hurt me worse”, my first reaction is to beat you

I Grew up by a couple skin heads and them essays

And those cats who bang red, it's all a chest game

You ain't king but you try to reach that status

I done built bad habits hoping my problems hear to teach you

But I ain't learning, and me thinking the same thing

that white people think about blacks it's all equal

I've never seen the big picture my vision’s through a peephole

It ain't the first I've been labeled [niggah] in the church, this my sequel

No offense and if you feel offended you probably the person who did it

Now let me hear those crickets…

It's all silent in the church every man hand down

Let me take these stones out my hands and put my hands down

Rolling on that senate route, getting kicked out my house

October 2013 I seen a drought

My pops was giving beat downs

I understand now I'm a man he had to beat it out

Look at me now, I’m saved, sanctified,

holy spirit filled inside, really gotta thank my God

because I'm sanctified, holy spirit filled inside

really gotta thank my God, I thank my God that your boy’s saved

You know, reason from the grave

Momentary light affliction momentary pain

This momentary crucifixion, momentary shame

This momentary everything, enternal gain!


Lyrics From: Jamaal Sabree (Me)

Beat From: dgbeats.net

Recording/Artwork From: Wes Langdon (wearefirehouse.com)

For fans of:Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, Hillsong United, Jesus Culture
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