Jerron Long (FKA Kaleb Starr)

For fans of:Thi'sl, Lecrae, Bizzle, Kambino, Sevin

Kaleb Starr, born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Left home at age 17, in pursuit of the hustlers dream. Traveled state to state, for several years, hustling to make ends meet. After the loss of a close friend to street violence and years of disappointment, he returned to his hometown with a new mindset, and a flow that could change more than minds but possibly save lives. Jerron has always been a fan of hip-hop and poetry. As a youngster he won numerous poetry, and creative writing contests. Like most of todays artists he fell in love with freestyling and soon began to combine poetry with the art of "rapping". Unfortunately many bad decisions were made through his teenage years leading to probation, house arrest and eventually a court ordered stint in the NAVY. So influenced by the hip-hop culture and a need to prove something, Kaleb was eventually kicked out of the navy, after a few possession charges landed him in jail. After his discharge he had to face the harsh reality that the opportunities he had been afforded were no longer available, and so he turned to the streets. Traveling state to state his main source of income became hustling. He eventually made his way across country and landed in Los Angeles, California where he began to feel like there was more to his life. He cried out to God and had an encounter which would change his life forever.

In 2015 a name change has happened Kaleb Starr is now known under his gov. name Jerron Long.

Just Listen, music will speak to you and tell you more than a bio sheet can.