Los Lobos

Los Lobos, the wolves of East L.A., was formed in 1970 by high school friends David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas, Louie Perez and Conrad Lozano. Playing rock and roll, soul, R&B, punk and funk, all with a Latino influence, their unique sound and varied repertoire made them local attractions and gained national attention. By the mid-1980's, the band earned a Grammy for "Anselma" and released two albums that reached the top 50, but their 1987 soundtrack for "La Bamba" was the breakthrough event that catapulted them to commercial success. With the addition of Steve Berlin, Los Lobos' acoustic, electric and sonic sound continues to evolve. Their 2002 release, "Good Morning Aztlan," is a soulful album that recalls the band's East L.A. roots and the mysticism of their Aztec ancestors.