Lucas Jack

For fans of:Hall and Oates, Steely Dan, Billy Joel, Toto, Supertramp

Lucas Jack describes himself as a “recovering attorney,” in reference to the 5 years he spent as a lawyer inside the Chicago corporate machine before heeding his true calling as a songwriter and performer. In 2012, Lucas released The Chicago EP, followed by Before I Forget(2015), and Make it Beautiful (2016).

In 2019, Lucas Jack will release a new album, Forever and Nowhere, marking a departure from strictly acoustic piano-driven songs to an exploration of other vintage electro-mechanical pianos and synthesizers. The sound is also shaped largely by the talents and tastes of his bandmates, Michael Gomez (drums) and Justin Schneider (bass).

Lucas lives in St. Louis with his wife and two daughters, Clementine and Josephine (the subjects of several songs).