Mega Gem

Colors of the West: The Arrangements

Colors of the West: The Arrangements by Mega Gem
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For fans of:Nana Grizol, Dogbreth, iji, Bombadil, Defiance Ohio
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  1. Water Filled Holes
  2. Do Call Me Romantic
  3. Pretty Fingers
  4. Mia’s Hum-Along
  5. Carousel
  6. Old Reckless
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This EP is a remix of our full length album. Colors of the West was an ambitious piece of work and featured over 40 musicians, with multiple layers of orchestral arrangements on every track. This instrumental EP lets those arrangements stand on their own.


Released 06 September 2015 All Songs written by Mega Gem Artwork by Mia Bandy Produced by Rich Goldberg – At Ghost House Studios in Denver, Colorado With help from Oliver Holloway Recorded and engineered by Rich Goldberg Oliver Holloway- Rhythm Guitar, * Mike Olmsted - Bass * Mia Bandy - Writer (Mia’s Sing-along), Bells * Jennifer Rahn - Writer (Merry Go Round) Autoharp, Saxophone * Clark Walker - Lead Guitar * Greg Jaworowski - Trumpet, * Kayla Martin - Cello, * Emi Night –, Ukulele, Glockenspiel, Hand Bells * Rich Goldberg - Guitar, Bass, Piano, * Micah Bontrager – Piano, * Nate Henricks – Guitar, Banjo, Musical Saw, Glockenspiel, Recorder, * Stelth Ulvang – Flute, Obo, Melophone, Accordion, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Mandolin * Harry Tulchin – Dobro * Chad Hagedorn – Co-Writer (Creepy Fingers), Banjo * – * Griff Snyder – Kazoo, * Emily Hall – Viola * Anna Maddocks – Violin * Kelsey – Violin * Justin Deloach – Banjo *Vaughn McPherson - Piano * Blake Stepan - Double Bass * Savannah Powell – Viola * Marie Hafeman Curran- Co-Writer (Creepy Fingers)

For fans of:Nana Grizol, Dogbreth, iji, Bombadil, Defiance Ohio
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