Phishheads know that University of Vermont is a phine place for Phish. Formed at UVM in 1983, Trey Anastasio, Jeff Holdworth, John Fishman and Mike Gordon played their first show on campus in 1984. Adding Goddard College keyboarder Page McConnell in 1985, Phish migrated to Goddard, Holdsworth left the band and Phish embarked upon its jazz-rock-bluegrass odyssey. Known for its epic songs, (see "Divided Sky" and "Fluffhead") and three-hour live shows, Phish's best albums combine lively lyrics in a smooth transition from rock to lounge modes. Studio albums "Picture of Nectar" and "Hoist" were followed by live recordings, and "Billy Breathes" in 1996 landed the band on the media map. Already famous for their New Year's Eve shows, Phish cranked the tour schedule up a notch. The band released "Farmhouse" in May, 2000, took a breather that turned into a breakup, reunited in 2002 with "Round Room" and was back on tour by December. All good things must come to an end, however, and Phish announced their this-time-we-really-mean-it plans for retirement in May, 2004, choosing to bow out as a power, not revival, band.