Rabbits on Trees

Desperation in the Age of Social Media

Desperation in the Age of Social Media by Rabbits on Trees
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For fans of:Frank Turner, Radical Face, nothing, nowhere., My Chemical Romance, Alkaline Trio
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  1. All This Wasn't a Dream
  2. I've Got a Squirrel on the Balcony
  3. I Don't Think I Have Feet
  4. The Sad Elephant in the Room
  5. Desperation in the Age of Social Media
  6. I Tend to Get Weird
  7. Chestnut
  8. This Bed is Too Warm
  9. Do You Ever Consider?
  10. Get Married
  11. Kissing at Train Stations
  12. Find Patience
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The second chapter of the rabbits on trees. It's about a time pre-pandemic, about two people that anyways rather write to each other page-long text messages instead of meeting in person. They're songs about hopeful loneliness, melancholic thirst for action. About progress and regress. And about letting go and moving on.


“Desperation in the Age of Social Media” was written, arranged, performed, produced and mixed by me, Lukas Mattke. Thanks to SIMON BARTHEL for additional arranging and producing as well as playing drums and mastering. To my mum MARION MATTKE for playing viola on “This Bed is Too Warm”. To FELIX HUBER for mixing help whenever I was on the brink of insanity. Drums were recorded at Studio Manuli, Göttingen. The rest I did at home during the pandemic. What a ride. And thank you so much LENA JUKNA for the incredible job you did on the artwork. Also big thanks to Jan-Niclas Schneider for the photograph, taken at Beat Baracke Leonberg, September 2020. And to MARCEL KELLER at Artistfy for being such a chill distributor.Thanks to MAMI, PAPI, PAUL, SARA, CARLA and JIMI for being the best family one could imagine and for always having my back, especially during these challenging times. Same goes for ALL MY FRIENDS in Bonn, Aachen and wherever you live these days. You are all the absolute best. I’ll be forever grateful for when I lost my apartment last summer and you were all just there helping me out, letting me crash on your couches and guest rooms, offering storage room and just being such good people. Thanks to everyone who ever booked me for a show, came to one, listened to my stuff and encouraged me to keep going, or simply left a like on social media. I really appreciate you and I am so looking forward to playing shows again and meeting you in person.- Lukas Mattke, May 2021, Bardenberg

For fans of:Frank Turner, Radical Face, nothing, nowhere., My Chemical Romance, Alkaline Trio
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