Surf Gvng

For fans of:Thisl, Reconcile, Social Club, Andy Mineo

2 convicted felons saved by grace, inspiring you to be you. The you God created you to be.

Since releasing their self titled EP in 2014 the Miami, Fl based duo Surf Gvng has managed to create a growing fanbase allowing them to one of the fastest accelerating groups in their genre. After countless one off's in different cities around the country, touring with artist's like This'l, Reconcile, J'son, Alex Faith opening for Lecrae right after giving their latest offering SGOET (Surf Gvng On' Erthang) in August 2015. February 12th 2016 Yahoo Music premiered Surf Gvng's Sam Cooke ft Rev Mizz, their take on the racial tension and state of our country. Article here:

Surf Gvng has traveled and played gigs in many cities and states such as Florida, Georgia, Nashville, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and has developed an amazing live show.

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