Sweet Memorial

For fans of:Muse, The Fray, OneRepublic , Gungor
For several years, SWEET MEMORIAL has been leading a revolution. Changing the way people think about music, life, and finding a reason for being. They challenge you to think and to live different. When you mix the Cleveland brothers, Michael and Chris, with 2005's GMA Instrumentalist of the year, Daniel Yarbrough, different is exactly what you get. After touring for 3 years on their debut ep, and for many years before that on independent recordings, SWEET MEMORIAL released their first full-length, JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE in summer 2007. This latest album was recorded and produced entirely by SWEET MEMORIAL at their own studio and features Noah Henson, Pillar; Joey Avalos, Stars Go Dim; Andrew Welch, Disciple; and Daniel Robinson, formerly of SM. Over a span of 2 months in 2008, 3 of the founding members of SWEET MEMORIAL were married to the love of their lives. Since that time, SM has taken time off from playing and recording.