Todd Koeppen

For fans of:Keith Green, Gungor, James Taylor, Chris Tomlin

Southern Oregon native and current Tacoma, WA resident Todd Koeppen launched a music ministry in 2001 that has led him to perform and lead worship across the U.S. and southeast Asia.

With albums in 2003 (No Ladder) and 2006 (Catch Me) that received consistent airplay, Todd was twice named to Christianity Today's annual list of "10 Independent Artists You Should Know". It seemed that his career was taking off, but God had other plans

In 2007 God dropped "The Gospel of John - a musical journey" into Todd's lap, and in the span of just a few weeks, Todd's career as he knew it was over. Over the next five years, while taking audiences on this musical journey, he refined the presentation until production officially began in 2012. The album was officially launched in August of 2013.

Todd's ministry has been featured on UNI's worldwide syndicated "Outlook" program, the nationally syndicated "Crosstones" radio show, and JCTV's internationally broadcast "Exit 16" program.

In addition to recording, performing and songwriting, Todd is currently director of worship at Journey Community Church in Tacoma, WA.