Todd Koeppen

The Gospel of John - a musical journey

The Gospel of John - a musical journey by Todd Koeppen
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For fans of:Keith Green, Gungor, James Taylor, Chris Tomlin
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  1. 01 The Word of God.mp3
  2. 02 John 316.mp3
  3. 03 Come With Me.mp3
  4. 04 The Way (Rejoice).mp3
  5. 05 Your Voice Reigns.mp3
  6. 06 Don't Let Your Chance Go By.mp3
  7. 07 He is the One.mp3
  8. 08 Love Not the World.mp3
  9. 09 Overcome.mp3
  10. 10 To the Cross.mp3
  11. 11 King of Ransom.mp3
  12. 12 He's Gone.mp3
  13. 13 When I First Believed.mp3
  14. 14 Follow Me.mp3
  15. 15 Your Kingdom on Earth.mp3

**100% of tips left through the end of 2014 will go to a school/orphan care program in western Kenya that Todd works with (see video).**

This upbeat rock album/musical is an adaptation of a live show that Todd has been performing for more than six years.

Prior to this album, Todd's performances of "The Gospel of John - a musical journey" were almost exclusively solo acoustic affairs, but both Todd and producer Marc Miller wanted to reach for a little more with this project. In order to maintain the live feel of the show, the musical beds of the songs were recorded live with the goal of obtaining vibe over perfection, and much of Todd's live narrative weaves in and out of the songs. The result is something so unique that it's difficult to classify.


Songs & narrative written by Todd Koeppen Produced by Marc Miller Mastered by Jim Sloan and Marc Miller Mixed by Marc Miller Engineered by Marc Miller and Scott Anderson

INSTRUMENTS Acoustic guitar - Todd Koeppen Bass - Marc Miller Drums - Bryon Atterberry Electric Guitar - Mike McGee Keyboards - Ed Weber MIDI Senquencing - Marc Miller Sitar and Tablas - Srinivas Aggarwal

Additional Electric Guitar on "Your Voice Reigns" by Art Bromage

VOICES Vocals & Narration - Todd Koeppen Backing Vocals - Megan Biegalski, Todd Koeppen Jesus - Chris Carey Additional Speaking Parts - Madelaine Koeppen, Larry Sundin, David Webb, Joyce Koeppen, Betty Kim, Marc Miller Choir - Andrew Horton, Annie Stanger, Bruce Willke, Dean Hirayama, Jeff Horton, Marc Miller, Margaret Graham, Martin Corpus, Megan Biegalski, Sue Martin, Todd Koeppen

Thanks to: God, my wife, my family, people who pray for me, every person listed above, the pastors who gave guidance and the 37 people who helped fund this album. Thanks also to Cascade Hills Studios, 57th Street Productions, St. John Vianney Parish, Journey Community Church and Sewer Studios.

For fans of:Keith Green, Gungor, James Taylor, Chris Tomlin
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