The Black Cadillacs

For fans of:The Black Keys, The Black Crowes, The Rolling Stones, The Dirty Guv'nahs, My Morning Jacket
"They call it Americana. I call it rock ‘n roll. Some would call it southern - me, I would call it soulful. The sound The Black Cadillacs have bottled into All Them Witches is reminiscent of a midnight bonfire - beer, fun, and inevitable heartbreak beneath the open stars...The rock ‘n roll is fused together with a huge helping of blues sounds, the kind you never hear on the radio nowadays unless you have stumbled into a smoke-filled bar for a night of forgetting your worldly cares. Make no mistake - these are bar friendly songs, but this album is much more than that...Rarely do I come across an album that has no constantly repeatable single, yet the album itself is infinitely repeatable. All Them Witches is like the girlfriend who plays video games - rare indeed. Driving home in the car late at night? It works. Feeling down? Still works. Just wanna rock out and have a good time? Sure as hell works." -Jason Harrison