The Vernons

The Cold Keen Despair

The Cold Keen Despair  by The Vernons
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For fans of:The Beatles, The Stooges, The Animals, White Stripes, Black Keys
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  1. Peeno Idear Vmix 1
  2. not the same vmix 1
  3. Suzz vmix 40
  4. such a sexy thang mix 1
  5. Go Home Vmix
  6. talk to me mix 3
  7. Cook it vmixed 1
  8. About It mix 1
  9. If you dont have me 2
  10. Together mix 1
  11. humans recovered 1
  12. Fake What You Can vmix 1
  13. It Happened once before mix 2bass
  14. know you're way out vmix 1
  15. Same old lie mix 2

A random collection of songs recorded by The Vernons were chosen to be released here, on the groups first project. Many other will be rendered from the large catalogue of 300+ songs the group managed to record during the 2-3 years they spent living together in a small, SE Portland house, which had a recording studio in the basement they had built entirely.  

       Now I should mention that Because of such a large quantity of unreleased songs, it has been determined that the best method to releasing them will be for us to grab handfuls at a time, throw them onto a playlist and click "shuffle"er saving everybody a lot of time from making complex decisions behind the organizing songs into a thematic auditory journey/experience. So, the downside of this will be an album that sounds like a collection of songs - like a compilation or a mixtape. But, the upside is that finally the world will be able to hear the amazing music they created together. It is stuff of magic.  Hear what they came up with...  Enjoy

 Now, ladies and gentlemen... 

... for the beginning of many more to come, [vol. 1, if you will ]

 Cold Keen Despair by The Vernons



Keven "Brave" H.

Jakob "Other" V.

Stephen "Show" S.

Verne "Unkle" W.

For fans of:The Beatles, The Stooges, The Animals, White Stripes, Black Keys
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